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New work added to portfolio


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Graphic placement print for Mudpie trend book

Freaky Frank – A graphic placement print for a Mudpie trend book.

I’ve updated the portfolio of the site to include repeat prints and graphic placement prints for the Mudpie trend books while employed as the Senior Design Manager.

As time goes on I’ll be updating with work for other clients as well as adding new categories for illustrative work for various products for homeware, stationary, T-shirts and wallpapers so please do come back and visit regularly or drop me a line if you want me to contact you directly with the updates.

I’ve been scouting the interweb for all things creative to inspire me and one thing that I’ve never really got into until late is Twitter. There’s some fantastic creative talent to be found on there and I’m looking forward to making some new friends in the industry to share ideas and possible ventures!

Exciting times…


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